'Sahbit Raey': Lebanese singer Elissa just dropped her latest, and possibly last, album

The singer has been teasing the 18-track production for months

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Lebanese star Elissa has finally dropped her latest album, Sahbit Raey, which translates to "Opinion Giver". The singer released the work on August 1, amid Eid Al Adha celebrations.

The new album, produced and distributed by Rotana Production Company, features 18 pop songs. The entire album is available through Rotana Music’s YouTube channel, as well as on music streaming platform Deezer.

Click through the gallery above to see Elissa's back catalogue of album covers. 

A little more than 24 hours since its release, the work has been widely lauded by fans, who can’t get enough of the powerful songs and lyrics.

The singer has, in turn, given a shoutout to all her fans, thanking them for the support.

"Beirut... it all goes back to you," she wrote on Twitter. "I am very happy with the feedback I am getting on the album, and it makes me so happy to show that Lebanese people have the power to overcome everything to live in peace and happiness."

Elissa released the title track, Sahbit Raey, on YouTube a week ago. The song, performed in the Egyptian dialect, was written by Ossama Mostafa and composed by Samer Abu Talib.

It is possible that this will be Elissa’s last album.

The singer shocked fans last year when she said her next project would be her final album, because of the creative constraints placed upon her by a regional music industry she described as a "mafia".

Whether a hit album changes her plans, however, remains to be seen.