Nickelback: the Chavril phenomonen

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger can't wait to marry Avril Lavigne.

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Chad Kroeger is in love and he wants everyone to know how ‘fantastic’ his new fiancee and fellow rocker Avril Lavigne is

What started as a few songwriting sessions between Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne in February blossomed into a full-blown romance.

By August they were engaged and the “Chavril” moniker was born.

Kroeger says having a fellow rocker as a partner has benefits: they understand the pitfalls of touring and what comes with being a successful artist.

“It’s mind-blowing because I just look at her and we can talk,” he says. “Music we can talk, touring we can talk. We have so much in common, it’s just fantastic.”

Kroeger confirms the couple are still hard at work completing her forthcoming fifth album.

He says the album’s musical direction is dictated by Lavigne.

“When I’m with her, I’m mostly the lyric guy,” he says. “It’s easier to write for somebody who has got a vocal range like she’s got. It’s ridiculous how high she can go. She just opens up her throat and it goes higher and higher and it’s amazing. It’s like taking a bazooka to a knife fight.”

And will Lavigne return the favour by adding her vocals to the next Nickelback album? “That would be entirely up to her,” Kroeger says.

“We’re totally, absolutely, completely open to guest appearances, so it would be no different in her case – especially somebody as talented as she is.”