K-pop in the UAE: SuperM members out and about in Dubai

The K-pop super stars have been working in the UAE

K-pop star Taeyong in Dubai. The NCT 127 member is thought to have been filming a music video with new super group, SuperM. Twitter / NCTsmtown_127
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Any K-pop fans worth their salt know that K-pop super group SuperM are set to film a music video in Dubai, and now the remaining members are here.

Exo's Baekhyun and Kai arrived on Sunday, and since then Lucas and Ten from WayV have been spotted passing through Dubai International Airport, followed by NCT 127's Mark and Taeyong, as well as Shinee's Taemin. They are all part of the collective seven-member group, which has been dubbed the Avengers of K-pop by fans.

It seems the members of the band made a good impression in the UAE, and have been described as "so polite".

NCT 127's Taeyong made the most of being in Dubai, taking time to pose in front of the Burj Khalifa.

It has been reported that the members of the band have already left the UAE, making it a short but sweet visit to the Emirates. No details about the speculated video have been released.

The super group members are still expected to make music with their original bands, Exo, WayV, NCT 127 and Shinee. They do, however, have promotional dates scheduled throughout September as a super group.

They are set to make their music debut with a "mini-album" on Friday, October 4, says SM Entertainment. There are eight different album versions planned, with exclusive merchandise and bundles for devoted fans to snap up.

The band has been formed by SM Entertainment with a focus on overseas promotion. It is rumoured that they will not promote themselves in South Korea.

Checking in on the band's social media, it's clear that the guys have been working hard, with plenty of photos of sessions in the recording studio and of the squad practising their choreography being shared.