Inside 50 Cent's $40,000-a-night Dubai hotel suite

The rapper is in the UAE, reportedly on business, and his hotel room is more like a palace

Rapper 50 Cent has always been a stylish cat, but his latest Dubai trip is next level.

Fresh from the launch of his latest StarzPlay drama Power Book II: Ghost, the superstar hip-hop artist turned television executive has spent the weekend in Dubai on a reported business trip.

In social media posts he can be seen chilling in the lobby of the lavish Palazzo Versace hotel alongside Italian actor Michele Morrone, star of Netflix drama 365 days, and hotel managing director Monther Darwish. 50 Cent was also spotted indulging in Italian cuisine at the in-house restaurant Vanitas.

News of the star's arrival at the property was also reported by ET Bil Arabi. The website interviewed Darwish about the hotel's fanciest room, which 50 Cent is staying in.

Dubbed the Imperial Suite, the two-level 22,000-square-foot duplex looks more like a mini palace than a suite. Full of Rococo and Baroque patterns, stone mosaics and Carrara marble tiling, the room's centrepiece is a white marble spiral staircase.

The bottom floor is dedicated to entertaining, with a fully serviced kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a majlis. There's also a billiards room, a multipurpose area and a library.

The second floor is all about rest and wellness, with two bedrooms, a sauna, gym and an outdoor pool with a terrace overlooking the Dubai skyline. And, of course, the suite is kitted out with signature Versace furniture.

Such luxury costs a pretty penny, with Darwish stating the suite can go for Dh150,000 a night ($40,839) during peak season.

That even the most seasoned of hotel guests don't know the room's exact location is another reason for its cost. While we do know it's perched on the top floor of the hotel, located in Al Jaddaf, the suite has its own exclusive access points, so is ultra-private.

It's no wonder, then, that it's a favourite choice for celebrities, such as pop stars Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Akon and Lil Pump, as well as most recently the Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan.

When 365 Days star Morrone posted videos of himself swimming in the private pool and Jacuzzi of the suite, fans descended on the hotel numerous nights in a row looking for him. They were excited because the suite's pool looks similar to the main hotel pool, but it's actually totally private.

"When he dropped those videos a lot of fans came to the hotel in the evening to look for him," Darwish said. "We had up to 2,000 fans in the lobby.”

Darwish said the hotel never pays celebrities to stay in the suite as part of a promotional campaign.

"The truth is we are a big name and there is co-operation between us and the artists. It is an honour for them to be our guests," he said. "Eighty per cent of the artists [who stay in the hotel] contact us, while the other 20 per cent comes from companies representing them."

With Dubai signalling to the entertainment world that it is back in business, we can probably expect more high-profile celebrities to book the out-of-this-world accommodation soon.