From Saudi Arabia to Kuwait: 5 songs Hussain Al Jassmi has dedicated to countries in the region

The singer’s latest release celebrates Saudi Arabia’s diversity and beauty

Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi has penned many odes to countries in the region. Courtesy Pepsi
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Hussain Al Jassmi has teamed up with poet Prince Badr Bin Abdul Mohsin to pen a new ode to Saudi Arabia.

Released on Friday, the Emirati singer's latest single, Hay Hal Soat, pays tribute to the kingdom's virtues.

Co-composed with Saudi royal, poet and author Prince Badr, the lyrics explore Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty – from deserts and mountains to fertile soils – as well as the spiritual and familial traditions intrinsic to its society.

The music is similarly majestic in scope, with Al Jassmi delivering operatic vocals over sweeping string arrangements and Khaleeji percussion.

"Music brings people together. It bridges gaps and connects us with people and places far beyond our language or place of origin," he said while announcing the track.

“This song in particular, captures our love and respect for the kingdom, its thriving culture and incredible people.”

Al Jassmi also signed on for the chance to work with Prince Badr, who has penned lyrics for leading Saudi singers Talal Maddah, Abadi Al-Johar, Mohammed Abdu and Abdul Majeed Abdullah, in addition to Iraqi crooner Kadim Al Sahir.

For World Poetry Day in March 2019, the prince was honoured by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) for his four decade-long body of work. The ceremony, held in the French capital of Paris, featured translated readings of some of his work.

“The creative process and experience have been extremely rewarding, having worked with one of the most iconic poets from the region,” Al Jassmi said of working with Prince Badr. “(We leveraged) our collective strengths to capture the musical essence and beauty of Saudi Arabia.”

A song for Egypt

This is not the first time Al Jassmi has delivered a musical love letter to a country he adores.

One of which – Boshret Khair – even resulted in his biggest hit.

Released before the Egyptian election in 2014, the giddy track was composed as a rallying cry for citizens to vote. Backed by a viral video that was shot in eight different provinces, the song’s appeal spread across the region with versions sang in Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian dialects.

A song for Kuwait

To celebrate Kuwait's National Day on February 25, Al Jassmi released a homage to the nation.

Set over signature Kuwaiti percussion, Al Jassmi celebrates the country's cultural contributions and notes how some of the Arab world's music legends performed there over the years, including Umm Kulthum in 1968.

The track also features a number of Kuwaiti celebrities, including the late actor Abdulhussein Abdulredha.

A song for Iraq

In 2016, Al Jassmi sent similar positive vibes to Iraq. The song, Kulna Iraq, which translates as All of Us are Iraq pays tribute to the country's diverse population and landscapes.

A song for Yemen

In 2015, Al Jassmi released Mahboubati (My Beloved), a stirring song for Yemen.

Released seven months into the latest conflict, the music video for the song offers a different side of the war-torn country, with images of its dazzling souks, historic landmarks and eye-catching mountains.