From Najwa Karam to Elissa: how Arab pop-stars are playing their part in the fight against the coronavirus

Many singers have posted heartfelt and prudent messages to fans on ways to be safe and healthy during the pandemic

L-R: Balqees, Kadim Al Sahir, Najwa Karam and Hussain Al Jassmi have all be urging fans to practice safety while in the grips of the pandemic Courtesy: supplied
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If there is one thing this latest pandemic has taught us, it is that we are all in this together.

In that sense, it has been heartening to see many of the region's pop-stars forego the usual curated social media posts to offer fans heartfelt advice on staying home, health tips and ways to exercise in isolation.

Some singers went even further, such as interviewing medical professionals and transforming their once glittering social media pages into community health boards.

Here is what some of the biggest stars have been posting during these challenging times...

Najwa Karam

The Lebanese singer has transformed into a citizen journalist and dropped an informative interview with Dr Walid Khairallah from Lebanese American University Schools of Medicine, who offered advice on ways to strengthen our immune systems  in coming months. The best part of all is that it also comes with English subtitles.

Hussain Al Jassmi

The Emirati singer has been active in disseminating health precautions from the UAE government. Posts included Arabic and English information on health hotlines, washing tips in addition to messages encouraging people to stay home.


The Yemeni-Emirati soprano dropped a playful and kid friendly TikTok video on best cleansing practices.

Kadim Al Sahir

The Iraqi crooner has always been a man of few words. But he has been making them count by dropping a series of colourful animated facts sheet ranging from "7 ways to stop the spread of the virus" to the importance of social distancing.


The Lebanese diva posted a video playing key lyrics from the 2018 song Karahni: "I don't want you to come close to me and greet me." This was followed by the statement "Elissa's advice for the prevention of Corona". She followed it up with a post of herself exercising at home.


While the Emirati diva's Instagram is still pretty much on brand, Ahlam occasionally paused the theatrics with messages where she urges the UAE public to follow the government's health warnings.

Assi El Hallani

The Lebanese folk singer's health message was typical of his no nonsense public persona.

"Before the day where our regrets won't be worthwhile, let us all follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and that's not to leave our homes," he said. "Let us all be inside and look after our families and ourselves and our nation. Because this virus is not simple matter. All around the world there is a state of emergency and we should approach it the same way in our homes until we reach a time where we overcome this crisis."

Nancy Ajram

In what has already been a trying year for the singer, Ajram has been keeping it light hearted of late. She posted a picture of a small apartment building in Lebanon where residents danced along to her 2018 single Badna Nwalee El Jaw (We want to light up the atmosphere) followed by images of her quarantining herself with her three daughters at home.

Nassif Zeytoun

The Syrian star posted an affecting video showing doctors helping virus patients and Italian families grinning and dancing in the face of the pandemic. The visuals are paired to his 2019 song Mesh Khayef Mennak (I am not scared of you) – a track about facing adversity.

Nabeel Shueil

The Kuwaiti music legend is not a frequent social media presence. But he ramped up the activity as of late with public health announcements ranging from sanitising reminders to a graph on how the pandemic has spread throughout his homeland.


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