Amr Diab and Dina El Sherbiny appear to confirm relationship in new music video

The relationship between the singer and the actress has been a source of speculation for years

Amr Diab and actress Dina El Sherbiny are revealed to be an item in singer Diab's new music video. 
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One of the Arab entertainment industry’s biggest open secrets has been revealed.

Well, sort of. After countless and unsubstantiated reports that pop star Amr Diab and fellow Egyptian actress Dina El Sherbiny are married, the duo have somewhat confirmed their relationship status in a lavish new music video.

While the visuals for Diab's latest single, Amaken El Sahar, show the couple without wedding rings, their connection appears to be the real deal, to the delight of their fans.

Released on Tuesday, Amaken El Sahar has amassed more than three million YouTube views in 48 hours.

Directed by Ahmed Al Najjar, the video is essentially a tribute to their romance. The production is set in a coastal destination where Diab, 58, and El Sherbiny, 35, are on vacation.

Opening with a sunrise walk, an Egyptian wedding party beat kicks in and the couple launch into a sunkissed day of dancing, laughter and food, all shared with friends.

What makes Amaken El Sahar intriguing, though, is how intimate it is. Diab and El Sherbiny share nearly every scene together as they hang out, make jokes and celebrate their union with friends.

If you are Diab fan, this is as personal as it gets. For such a megastar, the singer is a notoriously guarded figure and rarely provides interviews.

Rumours of their relationship first surfaced early last year when unofficial photographs began appearing of the couple at industry events.

After months of no comment, it was El Sherbiny who first made light of their relationship last June, around the time she was plugging her latest drama, Zay El Shams. Appearing on the television programme El Hekaya, she described Diab as her biggest supporter.

"He is so happy with my success and stood beside me a lot,” she said. “He loves hard-working people.”

That appearance came on the back of the buzz generated in a Ramadan television advertisement, which featured the couple sharing an iftar with friends.

Diab all but confirmed their relationship in February this year. He uploaded an Instagram post of the couple sharing an intimate meal with the caption "Happy Valentine’s Day" and the hashtag #justasyouare.

The day happened to coincide with the release of Diab's latest album Sahran, which El Sherbiny plugged on her social media channels using the same photo. "Celebrating the best album ever with my legend Amr Diab," she said. "Valentine's Day couldn't get better! Congratulations my love."

Further proof of their relationship was provided earlier this month when Diab dropped the music video to his nationalist pop track Ya Baledna Ya Helwa, which featured the couple dancing in a beachside setting.

As Najjar also directed that video, it is possible that both Ya Baledna Ya Helwa and Amaken El Sahar were shot at the same time. With so much information about the couple now out in the open, the only missing piece is official confirmation of their reported marriage.

Chances are we will find out soon enough, when both are ready with something to say.