Abu Dhabi F1: The Killers invite sign-wielding fan to play drums on stage

Super fan Ash's sign caught the attention of the band's singer, Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers of The Killers

"Can I play your drums?"

That was a question a fan of The Killers asked at the band's gig in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

The American rockers closed the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend in style, leading the crowd through the many tracks have dominated rock radio over the past decade.

But one fan in particular wasn't content with just watching the show; he wanted to be a part of it.

The concertgoer, who has so far only been referred to as Ash, propositioned the band via a large sign he held atop his head in the audience.

Knowing the band has something of a tradition of inviting members of the audience on stage to play with them, Ash arrived to the concert early in the hopes he could get on the drums.

A fan of The Killers shows the sign that caught the attention of the band's front man, Brandon Flowers. 

"For the last two years, for their summer they've been inviting people up on stage to play the drums shows. So I thought why not try my luck," Ash said, in a video posted on Yasalam's Twitter page after the concert.

His sign simply read: "Ronnie: Can I play your drums?"

And, as luck would have it, that sign caught the attention of the band's lead singer, Brandon Flowers, who invited him up to join the band onstage. Ash then played the drums during For Reasons Unknown.

Shortly after the gig, he told concert organisers: "I can't believe I was on stage. It was absolutely insane. It was something out of a dream."

And judging by the rest of the crowd's reaction, if the band's drummer Ronnie Vannucci is ever unavailable, Ash could step in.

Here are what other concertgoers had to say about the star cameo: