BTS's solo careers: here's what all seven members of the K-pop band could be doing

The group recently announced that each member will focus on solo ventures

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With the BTS behemoth grounding to a halt temporarily, all seven members of the K-pop boy band will dedicate the foreseeable future to developing their solo careers.

While pop music history is home to many examples of such career transitions not working out, the members have been studiously building their own sounds throughout the years.

Such an approach has placed each member in a strong position to launch their respective careers, while taking BTS fans along for the ride.

Here is what we can expect from each member.

RM will become a hip-hop star

His dexterous baritone rapping has given BTS an extra X factor to their songs.

However, with six other members sharing vocals and the various pop styles traversed by the group, RM has rarely managed to fully express his hip-hop credentials as part of BTS.

RM provided a preview of what a solo career may sound like with the mixtape, Mono, cracking the US Billboard 200 charts and peaking at No 26.

His assured collaborations with rappers Warren G, Wale and Lil Nas X as part of the release only shows that he is more than comfortable working in the US hip-hop scene.

A solo career could lead to him doubling down on that approach and, in turn, becoming the first artiste to bring K-pop flair to mainstream US hip-hop.

Suga to produce more adventurous K-pop tracks

He has plenty of options when it comes to life apart from BTS.

As a singer, rapper and producer, Suga can spend his time successfully perfecting his craft as a solo artist or producing the next batch of K-pop stars.

A listen to his two mixtapes, particularly 2016's D-2, shows that he is an undeniable talent.

The songs are autobiographical tracks laced with interesting production that includes rhythms inspired by South Korean military tracks.

A fully-fledged solo career could have Suga move away from the sugar-coated sounds of BTS towards deeper and esoteric territory.

Jin to go full Ed Sheeran

With Jin's soaring falsetto and tender crooning responsible for the emotional heft of BTS tracks, such as Spring Day and Fake Love, a career as a singer-songwriter in the Ed Sheeran mode is a strong possibility.

Fans already got a taste of what's to come with the solo single Super Tuna trending on YouTube, from South Korea to Peru.

J-Hope to release more club bangers

The rapper and dancer is already deep into his solo career, with a performance planned at next month’s Lollapalooza festival in the US.

J-Hope has been working on his own sound since 2018 with the mixtape Hope World.

Blending K-pop's cutting-edge production with hip-hop and Latin pop, J-Hope has great potential to do well in various territories.

The 2019 single Chicken Noodle Soup, featuring US popstar Becky G, and 2019's A Brand New Day with Swedish singer Zara Larsson shows his penchant for releasing catchy high energy pop that resonates internationally.

Jimin to take the pop charts by storm

It is Jimin that, perhaps, has given fellow BTS members the idea that solo success is attainable.

In 2019, he was the first member to have his solo track Serendipity get more than 100 million views on YouTube.

The singer and dancer found further success with follow-up solo songs Lie and Filter, also released under BTS albums, charting well internationally.

With such momentum and an eager fan base, Jimin's transition to a solo career should be smooth.

Expect more English songs from V

It's a case of better late than never when V released his first full solo track, Intro: Singularity, on the BTS album Love Yourself: Tear in 2018.

The next year, he had another solo song come out called Scenery. The sumptuous ballad made an immediate impact and reportedly gained 100 million streams on music sharing platform SoundCloud.

Under his own name, V has gone on to release English material in various genres, a standout of which is the indie-pop stylings of Sweet Night, as part of the soundtrack for K-drama Itaewon Class.

V's latest single Christmas Tree, for the Korean romantic comedy series Our Beloved Summer, cracked the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2021.

With such a pedigree, V should be relishing the prospect of a full-time solo career.

Could Jungkook be the next Jimmy Fallon?

He got the looks and the moves.

The youngest member of BTS, at only 24, he seemingly has the world at his feet when it comes to plotting a solo career.

While he could go on and release solo music, considering the success of the 2018 hit Euphoria and 2020's My Time (released under BTS), Jungkook can also have a solid career on South Korean television. He's already hosted episodes of variety programmes such as Music Bank, Show! Music Core and Show Champion.

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Updated: June 16, 2022, 12:27 PM