What Britney Spears' tell-all book could reveal, from family rifts to the conservatorship

Spears confirmed reports that she was writing a book, saying it would contain things she had 'never been able to express openly'

Britney Spears's 13-year conservatorship has ended

Britney Spears's 13-year conservatorship has ended
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Britney Spears has confirmed she is in the process of writing a book, five months after a judge ended her controversial conservatorship.

In a message posted to Instagram on Monday night, the singer confirmed reports of a tell-all memoir that had been circulating widely in the US media.

“I'm writing a book at the moment and it's actually healing and therapeutic ... it's also hard bringing up past events in my life," Spears wrote. "I've never been able to express openly!!! I can only imagine that I do sound childish but I was extremely young [when those events occurred]."

While she did not reveal any further information about when the book might be released or who was publishing it, Page Six reported in February that she had signed a record $15 million deal with publishing house Simon & Schuster.

The book is said to chronicle her life, career and relationship with her family, both before and after the conservatorship.

In November, a judge ended the conservatorship, which was managed by her father, and had given him control of many aspects of her life for 13 years, including her finances, personal relationships and access to her children.

It was put in place in 2008 when the star was facing a public mental health crisis.

It comes after Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, announced in January that she would be releasing a memoir called Things I Should Have Said. She confirmed it would detail life growing up in the spotlight, being a child actor, and becoming a mother at a young age.

Britney’s memoir is expected to lift the lid on many aspects of her life. Here are some of the things it might cover:

The Free Britney movement

Spears’ conservatorship was really thrust into the spotlight thanks to the growing Free Britney movement, which started among the star’s super-fans online, and quickly spread awareness of the conditions she was living under, gaining widespread media attention.

The star spoke of her thanks to those involved with the movement following the end of her conservatorship. Posting on Instagram in November, she wrote: “#FreeBritney movement … I have no words … because of you guys and your constant resilience in freeing me from my conservatorship … my life is now in that direction !!!!! I cried last night for two hours cause my fans are the best and I know it."

However, in her memoir, she is expected to go into more detail on her feelings about the growing movement while still under the conservatorship, and the ongoing support of her fans.

Being a child star

Spears began singing and dancing at the age of 2 and first auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club when she was 8. Her first single, Hit Me Baby One More Time, was released when she was 16, catapulting her into the global spotlight.

In the years that followed, she worked relentlessly, releasing several albums back to back. Spears is expected to open up more about the pressures of being a child star, and having the world’s eyes on her as a teenage girl.

Her high-profile relationships

Spears has had several high-profile relationships, including with Justin Timberlake. The pair were deemed as music’s “golden couple” in the early 2000s, when they dated for three years. In November, Timberlake issued an apology to Spears for how he acted after the breakdown of the relationship, saying: “I am deeply sorry for the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right.”

Spears confirmed she would “talk about” the apology in the memoir, and presumably reveal more about the pair’s relationship, both then and now.

She is also expected to detail the breakdown of her marriage to Kevin Federline, with whom she shares two children, in 2007.

The conservatorship

Naturally, the main focus of the book is expected to be the conservatorship, which she lived under for 13 years, between 2008 and 2021. The star did reveal some shocking details about the lengths of control she faced during the court hearings to get it overturned last year, including that she was forced to be on birth control, and that she was not allowed to marry her long-time partner, US-Iranian model and personal trainer Sam Asghari.

The star said the book would contain things she has “never been able to express openly”, indicating there will be further details about the conservatorship included.

Her relationship with her family

The star made it clear during court hearings that she did not want her father, Jamie Spears, to be in control of her conservatorship.

During a court hearing in 2019, Jamie said that his relationship with his daughter had “always been strained”, while Britney has said that she feels her father “stripped her of her womanhood” with the conditions of the conservatorship.

She has also had public feuds with Jamie Lynn in the months since her conservatorship ended, saying that Jamie Lynn was trying to sell her book at Britney’s “expense”.

However, during an interview with Good Morning America, Jamie Lynn said: “I love my sister. I've only ever loved and supported her, and done what's right by her, and she knows that, so I don't know why we're in this position right now."

Britney is expected to use her memoir to have her say on everything, both before and after the conservatorship.

Updated: April 06, 2022, 4:31 AM