Egyptian rapper Wegz to debut new single during online concert

The 'Asyad El Soot' rapper has been hailed as the voice of Egyptian youth

Egyptian rapper Wegz has dominated music streaming services in the region. Photo: YouTube
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Egyptian rapper Wegz will perform a spectacular online concert next week, using the opportunity to unveil his latest track.

Streaming on Tuesday on social media platform Minly, the concert features what organisers describe as “the largest” CGI screen in the Middle East.

In addition to playing his hits, such as 21 and El-Ghasala, Wegz will use the event to perform his latest single, Kefey Keda, for the first time.

The show will mark the launch of Minly Watch, the platform's latest feature through which people can virtually attend online events. The concept will be used to host live and recorded broadcasts of concerts, celebrity interviews and festivals, according to Minly.

The ticketed show should draw a large audience with Wegz, 23, dominating the regional streaming charts over the past two years.

In August, he had four tracks – including the popular Asyad El Soot – feature in Spotify's Songs of Summer, a report breaking down what the Arab world was listening to during the hotter months.

This comes on top of being the second most-streamed Arab artist in the region, on the streaming platform Deezer in 2020.

A new voice

What powers Wegz's popularity is a deft mix of material and celebrity.

Born Ahmed Ali in Cairo, the rapper made an immediate impact with his 2018 debut single TNT.

The track’s stuttering beats, moody synths and auto-tuned vocals merged the aesthetics of hip-hop’s trap music with the Egyptian electro-folk stylings of mahraganat, in turn creating a fresh sound of its own.

Supported by eye-catching videos and strong collaborations, including 2018's Kharban with mahraganat star Sadat, Wegz has been hailed by the local press as the new sound of Egyptian youth.

His rise to fame can also be attributed to a celebrity feud with Egyptian actor and rapper Mohamed Ramadan.

In response to being replaced by Ramadan for an advertising campaign for an energy drink brand, Wegz released Dorak Gai in 2018.

Backed by dense production and urgent synths, the track – translated to "Your Turn is Soon" – featured Wegz criticising Ramadan’s celebrity status and music career.

Ironically, with more than 75 million views on YouTube, the missive also placed Wegz alongside Ramadan in Egyptian music's A-list.

Speaking to GQ this month, Wegz acknowledged his career has skyrocketed over the past three years.

“It’s grown into a force to reckon with,” he said. "It needs more structure, but it’s moving in the right direction at a great pace.”

Show starts at 8pm GMT (11pm GST) on Tuesday, September 28. Tickets start from 17 Egyptian pounds ($1.08) and can be purchased at

Updated: September 22, 2021, 12:44 PM