Five TikTok dances to learn while you're at home in self-isolation

From 'Renegade' to the 'Hit Every Beat' challenge, these are the routines to take on now

If you want to be a fully fledged TikToker, you need to learn at least one viral dance routine
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If you are yet to join the world of TikTok, now be might be perfect time to do so.

As many of us have a little more time at home than usual, this period of self-isolation may be the reason to finally give in and download the social media app that is fast replacing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for Gen-Zers.

For those unacquainted, TikTok allows users to make short and snappy videos, set to music, and encourages people to get creative with content.

It’s also responsible for many dance trends, and if you are looking for a way to liven up your quarantine, now might be the time to try and learn some.

Here are a few of the most popular to get your started:

The ‘Hit Every Beat’ challenge

Set to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This, the Hit Every Beat challenge is a fairly easy one to lure you in, especially if you spent many a school disco dancing to the Macarena. It essentially involves doing all the moves to the Macarena – double time – before playing the drums and hitting the "woah" to finish off (it's the new dab, probably best to watch the video to see what it entails).

The ‘Say So’ challenge

This one is also fairly straightforward, although it does require learning a few more moves. Helpfully, though, this challenge throws things back to when people used to dance to the lyrics of songs – a helpful reminder if you suddenly forget the move. Set to Doja Cat's single Say So, this routine requires a punch and a body roll, with a couple of arm movements thrown in. Laura Dern managed to master it, so you can, too.

‘American Boy, but Shibuya is There Too’

This routine is pretty doable, too, and is more about the remix of Estelle's American Boy and Frank Ocean's Shibuya, which is a huge hit with TikTokers. The dance involves some hip swinging, some peering out into the distance, and a few body rolls thrown in for good measure. It's also a slower pace than some of the others, so a good one for TikTok newbies.

The ‘Relationship’ challenge

OK, so you don't need to do this one with your significant other, or with anyone else really, but it seems to have become a favourite for couples who love to dance together and have taken the title of Young Thug's Relationship quite literally. Like some of the other challenges, there is a lot of dancing to words, such spinning your hands around your head to the lyric 'crazy', and rocking your arms back and forth to the lyric 'baby', so it shouldn't be too difficult to manage. It might be slightly harder to convince your partner to learn it with you, though.


The original TikTok dance challenge, and also one of the toughest. This one will definitely take some mastering, and should probably only be approached once you have nailed down numbers one to four. But this dance is the one all TikTokers want to learn, and wear as a badge of honour once they have. This routine, performed to K Camp's Lottery (Renegade), jumps right in at the deep end, with a number of pretty confusing arm movements straight off the bat. But don't worry, there are a number of step-by-step tutorial videos on social media to help you master it, and once you have, you'll be ready to become a fully fledged TikToker.