What to watch on Shahid: new and popular releases on the refreshed Arabic streaming platform from MBC

MBC has partnered with Disney and Fox to bring more than 3,000 hours of content to Shahid – here's our pick of what to watch

The princesses from Frozen
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The Arab world's biggest streaming library of Arabic content is about to get even bigger.

The Middle East Broadcasting Centre, MBC, has announced a partnership with Disney and Fox, to bring more than 3,000 hours of content to the platform.

The tie-up means Shahid users will now gain access to some of the world's biggest movies. It means access to the Marvel canon, as well as Disney's animated classics, and an extensive back catalogue of movie's from both companies.

But not only will subscribers now be privy to well established franchises and movies – there will also be a wealth of original content too. Over the next two years, the group was set to substantially increase their investment into drama productions – growing them fourfold, of which the majority will be original and exclusive content.

So what exactly can you expect from the new and improved Shahid?

Here are nine shows or movies not to be missed:

'Fi Kol Esbou' Juma’a' (Every week, on Friday)

This Egyptian series is one of Shahid's latest additions. Leila is forced to live with Emad, who struggles from a mental disorder, in a house where a series of crimes take place every Friday. The show stars Asser Yassin, known for his roles in Diamond Dust and Born To A Man, and Egyptian actress Menna Shalabi. New episodes are added every Friday.

'Al A’meed' (The Dean)

Syrian actor Taim Hassan, who skyrocketed to stardom with Al Hayba, takes on the role of a chemist who goes into one of the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. The first episode is free to watch, whereas the rest of the series is accessible through a Shahid Plus subscription.

'A’hd El Damm' (Blood Oath)

A car accident leads to the death of the daughter of a drug dealer, who presents the killer with a choice: "either work for me as a hired assassin, or I'll kill your family." The thriller series will be made available on the streaming platform in February. It stars Syrian actor Bassel Khayyat, who is best known for his roles in Al Rehla and Tango.


The family-favourite Frozen is now available on Shahid, as part of MBC's partnership with Disney. When the newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally transforms her Arendelle home into a land of infinite winter and flees, her sister, Anna, joins forces with a snowman, an iceman and his reindeer to track down her sibling and convince her to return home and break the spell.

'Captain America: Civil War'

Most of your favorite Marvel movies are now available to watch on Shahid with Arabic subtitles. Captain America: Civil War pits Iron Man and Captain America against each other. The future of the Avengers is threatened as one group stands by with a government's decision to control their powers while the other opposes it.

'Aroos Beirut' (Bride of Beirut)

Inspired by the Turkish series, Bride of Istanbul, this MBC-produced series revolves around a young couple, whose love story is threatened by the protagonist's mother. It stars Carmen Basaibes as Thuraya and Dhafer L'Abidine as Fares.

'Life of Pi'

Life of Pi. Courtesy 20th Century Fox
Life of Pi. Courtesy 20th Century Fox

This is another new inclusion as part of MBC's tie-in with Fox.  The cinematic adaptation of the Canadian philosophical novel, by Yann Martel, won four Oscars in 2013.

The story follows Pi Patel as he finds a way to survive in a lifeboat that is adrift in the middle of the ocean. His fight against the odds is heightened by the company of a hyena and a male Bengal tiger.

'The Voice Kids'

The reality show returns for its third season this year. It's the Arab world's spin on the TV series that first found fame in the US. Shahi's version has contestants under the age of 14 competing in four stages starting with blind auditions, where they sing without being seen by the judges.

If a judge likes the contestant's performance, they turn their chair and take on the task of coaching them throughout the season. The judges for this season are Nancy Ajram, Assi El Helani and Mohamed Hamaki.

'Top Chef'

Sixteen professionals from around the Arab world compete for the title of Top Chef in the fourth season of the hit reality show. It's hosted by cooking specialists Maroun Chedid, Mona Mosely, and Bobby Chinn.