Refreshingly different 007s: 9 unusual choices for James Bond role

While Idris Elba continues to leave a tweet trail over whether he'll be the next 007, we look at nine other options that are less likely but perfect for the task

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Will he, won't he? Idris Elba's Twitter dance continues over whether he will suit up as James Bond after Daniel Craig bows out once he's wrapped 2019's Bond 25.

And while we'd be perfectly delighted to see Elba in the role - he was a force to be reckoned with in Luther - all of this social media teasing is, quite frankly, putting us off. Apart from Elba, other obvious choices include British actors James Norton and Tom Hardy or Irish thespian Michael Fassbender.

British odds sites have Elba at a 2/1 chance, Hardy as 3/1 chance and, rather depressingly, "any woman" as 12/1. (Well, fans did freak out when Daniel Craig - as a blond - was cast in the role. But they seemed to move on from that fairly quickly, so perhaps they can put their big boy pants on over a woman taking the role too).


Scroll through our gallery above for some of the less obvious choices that we think would be perfect for the role - why can't we have a Bollywood Bond, an Arab Bond or a kick-ass female spy?

Sure, Bond is an established white male, British character. But guess what, he was made up in 1953 and we've moved on from many things since then. And, crucially, he's a made up character. He's fiction. Surely, we can do with him what we will? Maybe it's time Bond got truly 2018 on us all?


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