Lebanese star Myriam Fares to get her own documentary on Netflix

'Myriam Fares: The Journey' will hit screens on June 3

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Netflix is awash with insightful documentaries based on the lives of musicians. We've had Miss Americana about US darling Taylor Swift and Blackpink: Light Up The Sky on the world-famous K-pop girl band, but now it's the Arab world's turn, as Myriam Fares is set to be the star of her own film.

Entitled Myriam Fares: The Journey, the new 71-minute documentary, which is being licensed by the streaming giant, is based on the life of the Lebanese singer, dancer, actress and all-round entertainer.

The description for the show reads: "Lebanese singer and ‘Queen of the Stage’ Myriam Fares documents her experiences with her family while in lockdown."

Directed by Sherif Tarhini, the film promises to give us a closer look into the Ghmorni singer's life during the pandemic, "from pregnancy to album preparations".

It will be available to watch from Thursday, June 3.

On Monday, Fares shared a few promotional images from the film, including one of her at the hospital with her newborn child. Fares gave birth to her second child, Dave, in October 2020.

A trailer is now available to view on Netflix.

"Six years of marriage passed in the blink of an eye," Fares can be heard saying in the clip. "Even though a lot of things happened during those six years, time flew by, because me and Dani always support each other. And we thank God for this beautiful family."

Fares was born on May 3, 1983 in Lebanon. She's first and foremost recognised across the region for her singing and dancing, which has led media outlets to give her the nickname the Queen of the Stage, but she's also an actress, known for film Silina (2009) and TV series Itiham (2014).

She has been married to Lebanese businessman Dani Metri since August 2014. They kept the wedding a secret at the time, releasing video footage later of an intimate ceremony with close family members.