21 wholesome feel-good films to watch on the sofa this weekend

From family favourites to forgotten classics, here are some heartwarming films to lift your spirits

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If ever there has been a time to hunker down on the sofa and reach for a film that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, this weekend is probably it.

As the UAE and the rest of the world takes up the practise of self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, your TV, Netflix and dusty DVD collection is likely to become your best friend.

Whether you fancy reaching for a tried and tested favourite, or discovering someone else's, we asked the team here at The National to share some of their favourite feel-good films.

From family favourites such as 1993's Mrs Doubtfire and 2007's Ratatouille, to lesser-know comedy The Big Sick and touching Bollywood tale Piku, scroll through our gallery above to see all of our choices.

If you've had enough of films, we've also chosen some of our favourite board games here.