Deadpool 3 first look: Hugh Jackman reprises role as Wolverine

The actor sports the character's famous yellow and blue suit, made popular in the X-Men comic books and 1990s cartoon

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Photo: Walt Disney Studios
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He’s back.

A new photo shows Hugh Jackman as Wolverine next to Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool in a first look from Deadpool 3.

Although many fans believed Jackman’s last role as Wolverine was in 2017’s Logan, the Australian actor said his appearance in Deadpool 3 would not interfere with the film’s arc that killed him off.

Interestingly, Wolverine sports the blue and yellow suit, considered to be one of the most famous outfits from Marvel history, and one that is featured in X-Men comic books and in the 1990s cartoon series. Jackman, however, has never worn it on the big screen.

The actor, who played the Marvel character in eight X-Men films from 2000 until 2016, last played Wolverine in the stand-alone movie Logan in 2017.

In September, it was announced Jackman would joining the film through a viral video revealed by Reynolds. In it, the actor gently mocks the process behind making a new Deadpool film before announcing the news.

"We are extremely sad to have missed D23, but we have been working very hard on the next Deadpool film for a good long while now," he said.

"I've had to really search my soul on this one, his first appearance in the MCU obviously needs to feel special. We need to stay true to the character, find new depth and motivation, new meaning.

"Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand apart. It has been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside and I have nothing.

"Just completely empty up here and terrifying. But we did have one idea. Hey Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time?"

Jackman, who appears to walk up the stairs eating a piece of fruit behind Reynolds, says: "Yeah, sure Ryan."

It has also been revealed that Jennifer Garner will be reprising her role as Elektra, a role she first played 20 years ago in 2003’s Daredevil. She later starred in a spin-off movie based on the character in 2005.

Deadpool 3 is currently in production. The film is being directed by Shawn Levy, who last worked with Reynolds on Free Guy. So far, not much is known about the plot, but it seems to involve the multiverse as Deadpool joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time, after a string of solo movies produced under Fox.

Originally, Deadpool 3 was set for release on November 8, 2024, but has been brought forward by six months to May 3. However, this could change due to the ongoing Sag-Aftra strike.

Updated: July 11, 2023, 10:21 AM