'Dubai Bling' viewers praise 'mostly Arabic' scenes in show

The series has become the most-streamed show on Netflix in the UAE since its release last week

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Reality show Dubai Bling has been the No 1 most-streamed series on Netflix in the UAE since its release last week, and has sparked plenty of reaction on social media.

And while a reality series following the glamorous lives of a group of millionaires in Dubai has, naturally, set tongues wagging, there has been plenty of positive reaction to the show.

Many viewers have been quick to draw comparison to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dubai, which was released in June and has been heavily criticised for being unrepresentative of life in the emirate.

And while Dubai Bling still portrays a lifestyle that is far from that of the average Dubai resident, many have said the show has so far been more representative of Arab culture.

“Dubai Bling on Netflix is what the real housewives of Dubai should’ve looked like,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “It’s giving everything that Real Housewives of Dubai failed to give”.

The show has also drawn criticism from viewers.

One Twitter user said: “Non-UAE followers. Please don't think our lives in Dubai are anything like shown on Dubai Bling, that non-Real Housewives thing or the cringey estate agents… We're mostly normal.”

Dubai Bling follows 10 millionaires living in the emirate, pulling back the velvet rope on their lifestyles, while also showing how they built their fame and fortune, whether in property or entertainment, or as a socialite or influencer.

Not all of the cast are household names, but most UAE residents will be familiar with Virgin Radio DJ Kris Fade, who is featured with his partner then-fiancee and now wife, Brianna Ramirez. Looking ahead, the final episode is called Hitched, so it’s safe to assume their wedding will be televised.

Other cast include Zeina Khoury from Lebanon, who is chief executive of Highmark Real Estate, Lebanese supermodel and TV presenter Loujain Adada, who was born in California and Dubai-born Marwan Al Awadhi, better known as DJ Bliss.

Updated: October 31, 2022, 1:53 PM