An audiobook for 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' is now available in Arabic

The remaining six books in JK Rowling's wizarding series will also be released over the year

Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig
CREDIT: Courtesy Warner Bros.

Muggles, rejoice: the first book in the Harry Potter series in now available as an Arabic audiobook.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which kicked off British author JK Rowling's fantastical septet of works when it was published in 1997, was this week added to the Storytel app.

The digital platform for audiobooks added the magical read to its figurative shelves on Monday, 12 weeks after its collaboration with Pottermore Publishing was first announced at the Cairo International Book Fair.

“It is going to be a different experience listening to, instead of reading, the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends," said Ammar Mardawi, country manager of Storytel Arabia.

The Arabic version of the tale is narrated by voice-over artist Samaan Ferizali, who will also vocalise the other six books in the seven-part series. The remaining Harry Potter reads are set to be gradually released on Storytel throughout the year.

Ferizali, who also works as a dubbing artist and presenter, has previously recorded audiobooks for publishing houses such as Dar Al Halabi in Morocco and Wahat Al Hekayat in Egypt.

"Samaan has done a spectacular job bringing life to over 150 characters of the seven books and giving our listeners a fresh way to enjoy the many twists and turns of the Harry Potter series," said Mardawi. "We hope to take this wonderful collection of stories to as many places in the Arab region as possible, so that book-lovers in this part of the world can experience the magic all over again in a new way."

The Storytel app can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple App Store.