UN chief hails work of British artist David Hockney amid coronavirus crisis

Antonio Guterres praises artist on his personal Twitter account

Examples of David Hockney Ipad drawings. Photo Courtesy David Hockney
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The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, on Wednesday took a break from discussing global crises to pay tribute to his favourite British artist.

David Hockney, 82, has been in lockdown in his house in Normandy, France with two of his assistants and his dog.

Most of his days are spent in his garden drawing the spring awakening on his iPad.

Hockney shared 10 of his most recent pieces with the BBC, including one animation and nine that have never been published before, for people to enjoy while in self-isolation.

“David Hockney is one of my most favourite artists," Mr Guterres tweeted,

"So pleased to see he is producing work – on his iPad! – and sharing it online as an offering of beauty to the world in this dark time.”

Hockney has lived in Normandy since early March. He has renovated a house with a large garden and built a small studio.

"We found this house with a large garden that was cheaper than anything in Sussex," he told the BBC.

"I began drawing the winter trees on a new iPad. "Then this virus started …

"I went on drawing the winter trees that eventually burst into blossom. This is the stage we are right now.

"Meanwhile the virus is going mad, and many people said my drawings were a great respite from what was going on."

Hockney hopes the images will offer some respite from the outbreak.