5 Minutes with Japanese singing ambassador Miou Fujinaga

A handout photo of Miou Fujinaga (Courtesy: Miou Fujinaga)
A handout photo of Miou Fujinaga (Courtesy: Miou Fujinaga)

Known as Japan’s singing ambassador, Miou was recently in Dubai as part of Comi Con Middle East. She speaks to us about her UAE adventure and burgeoning career.

How was your UAE experience so far. Have you been checking out any of the sights?

I was so impressed by the amazing views of Dubai. Everything was really well organised. I went up the Burj Khalifa and the views from the top (124th Floor) were so amazing. I also found many Japanese things such as Toyota cars, trains and tube stations in Dubai as well. I also went on a desert safari and enjoyed camel riding and watching the belly dance.

You are here as part of comic con Middle East. How was the audience reception to your performance?

I was surprised that so many people came to me and were trying to speak to me in Japanese. I also saw some people wearing costumes like the Japanese, I found some Samurai in the audience and they were waving their hands and we sang together. Some girls also wore a kimono and hijaband said “we are your relatives.” I felt like we came together in spirit.

You are described as a fashion singer. What does that mean exactly?

I achieved the award for the Top Asian Fashion Singer of the Year at Fashion Asia 2011 held in Dalian, China. I wanted to present the Japanese style and Japanese fashion to the world so that everyone from different races, ethnicities and backgrounds can also adopt it to spice up their fashion choices. In Dubai I took part in a fashion contest called Jaguar Style Stakes. I competed for two categories (most creative hat and best dressed female). I was in the finals for both but didn’t win.

Do you feel that Japanese folk music is sometimes overshadowed by J-Pop back home?

Yes, sometimes people of my age or younger could think folk music is old-fashioned. J-Pop’s mainstream and is not like folk or traditional types of music. I think this is not only in Japan. Folk music seems old at first glance, but actually they are everlasting. There is something we could adopt into our current latest music. So it’s a pity to miss out on these influences as they are a gold mine.

Are you working on album?

I have actually more than ten other original songs. So stay tuned for more songs! And check out I-tunes and amazon mp3.

Finally, any plans to return to the UAE for a solo tour?

I would love to come back to the UAE for a solo tour next time. At the moment, I don’t have any plans for the next visit. But I really hope next time I could return to the UAE for a solo tour with some amazing band. I would like to show different styles of Japanese songs and I hope this trip in Dubai will help for me to do that in the future. So wish me luck for that please. Fingers crossed.

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Published: May 7, 2014 04:00 AM


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