Coronavirus: which countries are in full nationwide lockdown?

Over a quarter of the world's population are currently in lockdown as part of efforts to stem the spread of coronavirus

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Over a quarter of the global population is currently in lockdown as countries across the world bring in severe restrictions as part of efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

India, which alone accounts for almost a fifth of the planet's humans, became on Wednesday the latest country to enforce a nationwide lockdown, with South Africa due to also take up the measures on Thursday.

Under lockdown, schools and all non-essential businesses are closed, and people are obliged to stay at home, but are allowed to go out to buy necessary food or medicine, or seek medical help.

Among the most extreme measure are those in Jordan, where residents were not allowed to leave their homes under any circumstances for three days, and the restrictions were brought in with the ringing of air raid sirens, a move usually reserved for war time.

Some countries have opted for partial lockdown, such as China, where Hubei province – the origin of the pandemic – remains closed off, while the rest of the country is under less strict measures. In the US, some states have gone for full containment, including California, Illinois and New Jersey, with New York the most affected city.

Other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have imposed less strict measures, requesting the population stay at home voluntarily, with some enforcing evening curfews.

Roy Cooper
Roy Cooper

The countries on full nationwide lockdown

  • Italy (since March 9)
  • Norway (March 12)
  • Denmark (March 13)
  • Lebanon (March 15)
  • Spain (March 15)
  • Czech Republic (March 16)
  • France (March 16)
  • Malaysia (March 16)
  • Belgium (March 17)
  • Venezuela (March 17)
  • Argentina (March 20)
  • Morocco (March 20)
  • Poland (March 20)
  • Slovenia (March 20)
  • Rwanda (March 21)
  • Jordan (March 21)
  • Bolivia (March 22)
  • Iraq (March 22)
  • Tunisia (March 22)
  • Greece (March 23)
  • Colombia (March 24)
  • El Salvador (March 24)
  • UK (March 24)
  • India (March 25)
  • New Zealand (March 25)
  • South Africa (March 26)