Woman jailed for obscene gesture

Russian intimidated American motorist and gave her friend's driving licence when quizzed by police.

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DUBAI // A Russian woman who drove a friend’s car recklessly on The Palm Jumeirah last year and stuck her middle finger up at a fellow motorist was sentenced to three months in jail for committing an immoral act.

But the 47-year-old was found not guilty of endangering lives and assaulting another motorist despite “changing lanes recklessly and stopping suddenly in front of my car”, according to the 41-year-old American driver with whom the incident occurred.

“I honked my horn at her and drove away, but she chased me, took over the lane right in front of me and stopped the car,” she said, adding that the defendant got out of her vehicle and walked towards her, then assaulted and insulted her.

“Another woman who was in the car came and apologised for her friend’s behaviour and told me that her friend was drunk,” the American said.

Traffic police issued a Dh400 fine against the vehicle and the woman, who gave officers her friend’s driving licence.

A few days later, her female friend checked with police about the traffic offence.

“I discovered that the defendant, who is my friend and flatmate, had provided police with my name and driving licence when she was issued the fine. So I told them everything that happened on that night.”

The defendant will be deported after serving her term.