Three months in Dubai jail for man who made death threats to witness

The Pakistani man threatened to kill the Indian man who had testified against him in a previous court case.

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DUBAI // A Pakistani man has been jailed for three months for making threatening and abusive calls to an Indian man who had testified against him in a sexual assault case.

The criminal court heard that G A, 60, repeatedly made phone calls to R H, 50, at his workplace. In the calls, he threatened to kill him and demanded a Dh200,000 payment. He was also found guilty of insulting and defaming R H’s colleague, Palestinian M M, 27, and misusing telecommunications equipment.

Nine months ago, the Pakistani started calling the Indian’s office from different phone numbers. He would swear at the company’s employees in an attempt to get the Indian fired from his job.

The Palestinian told prosecutors that the Pakistani sounded like he was drunk during the calls.

Police tracked the Pakistani to the Naif area where he was arrested. He was found with two mobile phones and five sim cards. Some of the numbers had been used to make the calls.