Stowaways arrested aboard dhow on Dubai Creek

Inspectors say their suspicion was roused because the cargo dhow — carrying 28 stowaways — had only three men working aboard.

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DUBAI // Nearly 30 stowaways were caught hiding in the stern of a dhow that was attempting to leave the emirate, Dubai Customs said.

Inspectors arrested 28 people from various Asian countries before it managed to leave its berth on Dubai Creek.

The boat was en route to an Asian country but aroused the suspicion of inspectors because there were only three people aboard.

The stowaways were arrested and given into the custody of the Port Police, who will conduct a further investigation into the matter.

A customs official said stowaway cases sometimes involve people who have been caught in criminal activity, such embezzlement, scams, larceny or fraud. But the vast majority of cases, he said, involved people who have been in the country illegally, in violation of UAE visa and residency regulations.

Attempting to sneak out of the country, Dubai Customs warned, would only serve to further complicate their charges.