Police pick up pace in war on speeding

Dubai Police have announced that they will be targeting motorists who travel at more than 60 kilometres per hour above the speed limit.

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DUBAI // Police are to intensify their crackdown on speeding motorists as part of a renewed campaign aimed at reducing deaths on the emirate's roads.

Drivers caught driving at more than 60kph above the limit will have their vehicles impounded for 30 days, fined Dh1,000 and receive 12 black points on their licences. Police will use radar guns to catch offenders.

This is the second year Dubai Police has launched the campaign, "Speed Kills", to reduce speed-related deaths. The campaign, which began yesterday, is expected to last until December 31.

Maj Gen Mohammed Al Zafein, the head of the Dubai Police traffic department, said last year's two-month campaign was a great success, with casualties dropping by 50 per cent.

This year police will increase patrols, particularly on Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road and Dubai Bypass Road, the most dangerous roads in the city.

Dubai Police statistics show Indians, Pakistanis and Emiratis cause the most accidents and are more likely to die in traffic accidents.

So far this year, 118 people have died on Dubai roads. Maj Gen Al Zafein expected that to increase to between 125 and 135 by the end of the year. Last year, 152 people were killed on Dubai roads.

The campaign will also aim to increase awareness among the public, especially schoolchildren, on the dangers of speeding.

Police have set a road-deaths target of a statistical zero per 100,000 residents by 2020.

They have identified speeding as the direct or indirect cause of more than 70 per cent of all road deaths in Dubai.