Newborn girl abandoned by woman on steps of Sharjah Children Protection Department

Police are investigating after CCTV footage showed a woman dropping off the 3-day-old baby in a stroller and then taking off in a car.

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SHARJAH // A newborn girl was abandoned on the doorstep of the Sharjah Children Protection Department.

The three-day-old baby was left in a stroller last Wednesday by an unknown woman who fled in a car, the department director said.

“One of our employees saw the stroller outside the building and asked who left it there and asked another employee to bring it in. The employee was shocked to find the newborn in the stroller wrapped in a cloth,” said Ahmad Al Tartor.

“Once we checked the baby girl, we found that the umbilical cord was still connected.”

The department, which is in the Wasit area, reviewed CCTV footage and found that a woman had left the child at the front of the building before getting into a car and fleeing the scene.

“The department registered the incident at Sharjah Police and handed over the CCTV footage. The girl was taken in and we made sure she was in good health, and receiving the appropriate care at Sharjah Social Services Department,” the director said.