Man denies molesting female flatmate, Dubai court told

Filipino RS denied a charge of sexually assaulting compatriot KP, 23, on May 8 this year at their flat in Al Satwa.

DUBAI // A drunk man sexually assaulted his flatmate in her room as she slept, a court has heard.

Filipino R S has denied molesting his compatriot K P, 23, on May 8 this year at their flat in Al Satwa.

She told prosecutors that she woke up to someone touching her and saw the shadow of a man hiding behind the curtain.

“I opened the curtain and saw R S standing there only in his underwear,” she said.

“I told him he lacked manners. I started crying until my sister who lived in the same flat came to my bed.”

She said he was still near her bed when her sister, R P, 28, came into the room at 3am along with her husband, R T, 26, and that she had smelt alcohol on him.

“I told them to hold R S until police arrived,” she said.

Prosecution records confirmed he was drunk at the time of the incident, and he was also charged with illegally drinking alcohol.

The sister said K P was unable to talk and was shaking and afraid.

“She told me he touched her against her will and when I confronted him, he denied it,” she said.

Her brother-in-law said he “restrained the defendant on the bed as my wife called police”. R S denied all charges.

The next hearing will be on August 20.