Love triangle maids who strangled sleeping lover get death sentence

The two maids were found guilty of strangling their sponsor's driver when they found out he was sleeping with them both.

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SHARJAH // Two maids who strangled to death a driver they were both lovers of have been given the death penalty.

The two Asian women were found guilty of murdering the Asian driver, who worked at their sponsor’s home, by strangling him with a telephone cord in October 2014.

The body of the Asian driver was discovered in his room at the Emirati home.

Police questioned the two maids, who worked in the same household, after the forensic report showed that the driver was strangled to death.

Initially, the women denied murdering the driver, who lived in an adjacent room to theirs, when they were questioned, however, they admitted later that they murdered him after they discovered that he was having an out-of-wedlock relationship with both of them separately.

They confessed to police that they strangled him while he was asleep.

On Monday, Sharjah Criminal Court found the women guilty and handed them both the death sentence. The sentence will be subject to appeal.