Kardashian opens milkshake store

Large crowds jostled to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian opening the Millions of Milkshakes store in Dubai Mall.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai Mall Oc. 14, 2011- Thousands of fans waited hours to catch look of Kim Kardashian and her mother  Kris Jenner tat the Dubai Mall. Mike Young / The National
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DUBAI // The long-running reality show that is Kim Kardashian was, for some of her UAE fans, a disappointment yesterday evening.

By 4.30pm, the crowd around the Millions of Milkshakes store, which Kardashian was due to open, was 15 deep and the air was filled with anticipation. Camera phones flashed, people jostled for space, screams, shouts and the occasional chant of "We want Kim" filled the air. Kardashian herself was not due to appear until 7pm.

Accompanied by her family, 10-year-old Alexia Vanwyk travelled from Abu Dhabi for the event, arriving at the Dubai Mall at 1pm. "I'm a really big fan, I love her show," she said. "Even if I just get to see her, the wait will be worth it."

By 7.15pm, with Kardashian yet to make an appearance, the crowd had swollen to several thousand. There was some pushing and shoving among agitated fans, and medics escorted one young woman away. Mall workers distributed water and the security wall tightened.

When Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, appeared at 7.50pm, they did so through their planned exit point, entering the store behind a wall of photographers. Kardashian exited briefly to pose for photos with the Millions of Milkshakes founder Sheeraz Hasan, before entering the store once more, only to be ushered away minutes later.

Some members of the crowd voiced their disapproval with boos.

Contrary to the rumours, Kardashian did not create the most expensive shake in the world, but rather a creamy, fruity strawberry, pineapple and banana concoction, complete with decorative whip and rainbow sprinkles.

Kardashian and her mother were escorted to the mall's Fashion Avenue to take part in a live Q&A session with the MBC TV hostess Joelle Mardinian (who somewhat resembles Kardashian and is likewise of part-Armenian ancestry).

Kardashian and her mother were asked questions that had been submitted to the Millions of Milkshakes Middle East Facebook page earlier in the week.

The fans who had earlier gathered at the Millions of Milkshakes store were invited to attend.

Mr Hasan, of Millions of Milkshakes, said: "Due to the overcrowding throughout the mall, and to the huge popularity of Kim, we wanted to take Kim to the fashion catwalk as soon as we could.

"This meant that as many people as possible could see her. Kim and Kris spent more than half an hour on the catwalk, talking to fans and answering questions.

"Kim and Kris care so much about their fans in the UAE; we will be bringing the whole family back so that all of the fans can see the Kardashians again soon."