Ministry of Health launches prevention initiatives

The Ministry of Health launched two new initiatives aimed at raising public awareness on cancer and the importance of its early detection.

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The Ministry of Health launched two initiatives on Monday that are aimed at raising awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection through regular medical check-ups.

Developed under the name Etmnan, the National Periodic Health Screening and Cancer Screening initiatives were announced during a press conference attended by Dr Hussein Al Rand, assistant undersecretary for health centres and clinics.

The Cancer Screening initiative aims to increase detection rates of the most common types of cancers during early stages to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

The National Periodic Health Screening initiative focuses on reducing the prevalence of other non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, through early detection and identification of the main factors leading to them. It also aims to provide the local community with suitable health-related information to encourage individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles.