Government sets new drug prices

New prices have been set for 71 medicines treating ailments ranging from depression to asthma, officials said yesterday. Three drugs are now less expensive and four will no longer require a prescription, Dr Amin al Amiri, the director general for medical practices and licensing at the Ministry of Health, told the state news agency, WAM. The decisions will take effect within two months, according to WAM.

Drugs are not allowed on to the market without approval of the Higher Drug Registration Committee, after which a price is set. The MoH recently intensified the registration procedures, requiring drugs to be approved by both the nation of origin and international organisations. The medicines then are examined in domestic laboratories in the UAE. * WAM

Moral education needed in a 'rapidly changing world'

Moral education lessons for young people is needed in a rapidly changing world, the head of the programme said.

Alanood Al Kaabi, head of programmes at the Education Affairs Office of the Crown Price Court - Abu Dhabi, said: "The Crown Price Court is fully behind this initiative and have already seen the curriculum succeed in empowering young people and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in building the future of the nation at all levels.

"Moral education touches on every aspect and subject that children engage in.

"It is not just limited to science or maths but it is involved in all subjects and it is helping children to adapt to integral moral practises.

"The moral education programme has been designed to develop children holistically in a world being rapidly transformed by technology and globalisation."

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