Coronavirus: Quarantine rules for Dubai arrivals clarified

On arrival in Dubai, residents and Emiratis will be tested for Covid-19 and must quarantine for 14 days

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Residents and Emiratis flying into Dubai will be required to quarantine for 14 days, but procedures for tourists are still under review throughout the country.

In a set of guidelines issued last week, Dubai Tourism said returning residents and citizens will be given the choice to either quarantine in a private home or a hotel.

Travellers will be informed about the requirement at the time of booking their stay in the emirate, and will be offered the option to book hotels which qualify for quarantine.

Emirates gets ready to welcome visitors

Emirates gets ready to welcome visitors

On arrival in Dubai, travellers will be tested for Covid-19 and asked where they would like to quarantine.

Anyone who opts for home quarantine in a private address must meet certain safety requirements. If they cannot, they will have to stay in a hotel.

During a hotel quarantine, extra charges for room disinfection will be blocked during check-in in case visitors develop the virus during their stay.

Meals will be provided three times a day, if booked in advance. If not, visitors will be required to eat takeaways, which they will be required to pay for online.

They must also clean their own rooms.

Travellers will be told they may be required to wear a face mask and gloves in public areas and maintain social distancing of 2m at all times.

They will have access to a remote consultation session with a doctor through a mobile app. After 14 days, anyone who opted for a hotel quarantine must check out.

Anyone wishing to quarantine “at home” – which may not necessarily be their own home but a private property – must have access to a separate room with a private bathroom.

Other members of the household should not be vulnerable to developing complications of the virus. And they must also have a working number they can be contacted on as well as access to a first aid kit.

They must live completely separate from other household members and, if they have to leave the room, they have to wear a surgical mask at all times.

Anyone entering the country must be tested for Covid-19 on arrival, download the Covid-19 DXB app and complete a signed undertaking to comply with all regulations.

Earlier, Dubai Tourism indicated that tourists would have to undergo mandatory self-isolation but has since told The National that protocols for visitors are pending.

This month, Sheikh Hamdan shared an image of a First Class Emirates flight ticket with his name on it, set for London Heathrow and announced “coming soon”.

He described Dubai's economic fortunes as "taking off again," sending an optimistic message to the world that it had "weathered the storm".

The emirate, which imposed some of the strictest controls across the UAE to stem the spread of Covid-19 in the earliest days of the pandemic, is beginning to return to normal.

Businesses, malls and many entertainment venues are once again operating at 100 per cent capacity, with social distancing and other precautions designed to restrict the spread of the virus still in place.