UAE weather: A chance of rain for some

Generally hot with freshening winds over some areas and a chance of precipitation

Hazy summer weather in Dubai. Antonie Robertson / The National
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Some eastern areas in the UAE may experience slight rainfall this afternoon due to convective clouds that are expected to develop later today.

Yet the weather will remain - as usual - hot during the day, but seemingly more bearable during the night as weather officials advised temperatures would become “mild”.

The sky will be partly cloudy and hazy over some areas at times.

The wind will remain light to moderate – it was as low as 5 km/hr at 8:42am.

Nonetheless, there will be a “freshening” effect at times in the afternoon while causing some blowing dust over some exposed areas. Similarly, the sea will remain slight to moderate at the Arabian Sea and Oman Gulf.

As usual, the relative humidity will go up at night, and during the early morning hours over some coastal areas.

The lowest temperature recorded in the UAE this morning was 23.9 degrees Celsius in Saih Al Salem at 4:15 am.