Fish prices on the rise as bad weather hampers UAE fishermen

Consumers are complaining of increased prices, while fishermen say that bad weather is making it more difficult to land good catches.

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Weather and climate change has led to an increase in the prices of Emiratis favourite fishes in Dubai, with some up by as much as 40 per cent.

According to Al Ittihad, the Arabic sister paper of The National, this led consumers to file complaints and ask authorities to curb increases and minimise it over the coming period, knowing that the wintry weather is still causing instabilities and high waves.

Emirati fishermen have confirmed the price increase, explaining the increased risks and dangers while going out at sea in bad weather.

They confirmed that decreased supply is contributing to the rise of prices and that consumers’ acceptance of such prices contributed to their inflation.

Fish prices rose in Ras Al Khaimah markets on Sunday due to a lack of supply and as a result of recent weather changes.

Salesmen at the RAK fish market said that fish supply is sufficient to meet the demand during the day, whereas quantities of fish are brought in from Dubai, saying that prices are good and affordable.