Emirati pair appeal sentences for consuming hashish

One of the two men accused of consuming the drug said that he was unaware the juice bottle he was drinking from contained hashish.

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ABU DHABI // A man who drank his friend’s juice claimed he was unaware that it contained hashish, the Appeals Court heard on Monday.

S M and B F, both Emiratis, were convicted of consuming hashish and were appealing their sentences.

S M said he consumed hashish regularly.

One day before going to meet B F he said he did not have time to prepare a joint so he put the drugs inside a big juice bottle.

While they were together his friend took the bottle and started drinking the juice.

“He is big in size and I am small, I was scared if I told him the juice contained drugs he would get mad at me,” said S M.

B F agreed that he only drank the juice and had no idea it contained drugs.

He denied consuming drugs in other instances.

A verdict will be announced on January 19.