Minister of Interior applauds student for completing studies

Lebanese student Najib Abdul Hameed Abdul Hai, whose father was the late Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed's advisor, has received praise from Sheikh Saif bin Zayed for completing his masters in quality management.

Sheikh Saif bin Zayed receives Najib Abdul Hameed Abdul Hai. Wam
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ABU DHABI // When Najib Abdul Hameed Abdul Hai started his studies in Abu Dhabi, he never thought he would receive personal encouragements from the UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister.

The 25-year-old Lebanese student at Al Hosn University met Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, also Minister of Interior, after he completed his master’s in quality management.

He had received strong support from the late Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed. “It’s a significant thing that he encouraged me in my studies,” said Mr Abdul Hai. “Meeting Sheikh Saif encouraged me even more to pursue my studies with an MBA and a PhD.”

The young man was born in Lebanon but raised in Abu Dhabi. His father, who was Sheikh Ahmed’s advisor, introduced them. “Sheikh Ahmed had the biggest impact on me and I can’t thank Sheikh Saif enough for all his support,” he said. “I’m really grateful for the encouragements.”

Currently employed at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Mr Abdul Hai plans on studying for an MBA, as well as a PhD in quality management, over the next five years. “I want to learn how to translate it into working life,” he said. “Working in a bank, I need these specific degrees and I plan on continuing to work in banks for a while.”

He said the university also played a role in his success. “I enjoy the university a lot because the professors are excellent,” he said. “My friends advised me to study there but the professors are the main reason I chose it.”

Sheikh Saif congratulated Mr Abdul Hai on his efforts and wished him luck in his PhD studies.