Dubai police help foil drug smugglers

Information from Dubai police helped foil two recent international smuggling attempts through the emirate's airport.

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DUBAI // Dubai Police helped to foil recent attempts to smuggle 6.9 kilograms of cocaine into Kenya and 2.5kg of methamphetamine into Malaysia.

In the first incident, anti-narcotic officers had grown suspicious of a man, identified as MLU, who was travelling through Dubai International Airport on his way to Nairobi from Sao Paulo. The final destination of the man, who is from an unnamed European country, was Benin.

Officers warned Kenyan authorities, who found the cocaine inside 12 medium-sized speakers MLU was carrying. The drug haul had an estimated street value of Dh1.5 million.

In the second incident, police spotted a woman, identified as HCS, acting nervously as she passed through the airport's Terminal 3 on her way to Kuala Lumpur from an unnamed African country. Officers alerted Malaysian authorities, who discovered the methamphetamine at the base of her suitcase.