Rapists who assaulted woman in remote warehouse jailed for a year

Woman was invited to dinner but was instead taken to a poorly lit part of the Jebel Ali Industrial Area and raped.

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DUBAI // Two men who raped a woman in a remote warehouse were each sentenced to a year in prison today.

One of the men, a 25-year-old Pakistani labourer, had met the 44-year-old Filipina in Al Muteena at the end of September and invited her to dinner a couple of days later.

After picking her up he drove towards Sheikh Zayed Road, saying he wanted to pick up something from his workplace before they headed to the restaurant. Feeling scared, the woman asked him to drop her off, but he refused. When she tried to get out of the moving vehicle he stopped and threatened her.

He then drove her to a poorly lit part of Jebel Ali Industrial Area and took her to a room in a warehouse with a bed and DVD player. He then started playing a pornographic movie and, said the woman, threatened to kill her if she refused to have sex with him. Fearing for her life, she gave in. She was then forced to have sex with another Pakistani labourer, 22, who was also at the warehouse.

The two men then drove the woman home. She called police, but no DNA evidence was found because the men used contraceptives.

Prosecutors said the men confessed to rape, threatening and kidnap charges during the investigation, but they denied the charges when they appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance last May.

KS, 25, and EK, 22, were found guilty of rape but acquitted from kidnap and threatening charges. They will be deported following their prison terms.