Maid charged with stealing Dh126,050 from home

A woman faces up to seven years in jail as she stands trial for theft and siphoning off the money back home in Indonesia.

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DUBAI // A housemaid stole more than Dh125,000 (US$34,000) from her employer and sent the money to her family in Indonesia, a court heard yesterday. Prosecutors say SB, 26, admitted to stealing Dh97,050 from her Emirati employer, identified as Mohammed Salim. They suspect she took another Dh29,000, but did not say why. Mr Salim testified before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance that he noticed money was missing from his safe after SB was left alone in the house at least twice in December.

The maid is accused of twice stealing Dh30,000 that month. After she was arrested, SB admitted to prosecutors that she has transferred Dh60,000 in two instalments to her home country, then sent Dh27,000 to her husband and another Dh10,050 to an unnamed party. Her husband returned Dh27,000 to the Salim family by wire transfer. Mr Salim's sister also testified that SB broke down and showed her a receipt for the transfer of the Dh10,050 when she was confronted.

The court adjourned the case to March 25, when Presiding Judge Hamad Abdel Latif will issue a verdict. If convicted, the defendant could face up to seven years in prison.