Drug charges thrown out over bad arrest warrant

Paperwork for man's apprehension was issued days after he was already in custody, court finds.

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DUBAI // A student who was arrested and charged with consuming hashish in September was freed today after the court found prosecutors issued his arrest warrant days after apprehending him. 

The Indian student DS, 26, was arrested on September 15 after police were tipped off about a man smoking hashish and another carrying it, Criminal Court of First Instance records said. When police arrived, DS was present at the man's house and was arrested with him. Both men were referred to Al Qusais police station and accused of drug consumption. Both men were tested and the results processed by the police laboratory, prosecutors said.       

Forensic reports found traces of hashish's active ingredient in DS's urine sample; the other man's results were negative. 

DS was referred to prosecution, which investigated and charged him with consumption of hashish. A few days later, prosecutors issued the arrest warrant against DS.

His lawyer argued that he should be freed because he was arrested without a valid warrant.