Focal Point: Lost in the moment

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Staff photographer Mona Al Marzooqi captured this quiet moment, with a man standing outside the prayer room at the fish market in Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi. Al Marzooqi says of the photo: “There are many things I love about this photo, mainly the visual emotion the man is expressing. I’m not sure if he was thinking or daydreaming, or just taking a moment before going in to do his prayers, but even though I stood across from him with my camera, ready to take his picture, he still stood still. His yellow outfit matches the prayer room sign on the door, and that colour brings happiness to this quiet moment. I’m really big on lines and alignment when I photograph, so him leaning on the wall and the glass divider lines all contribute to the composition of the photo. Lastly, all the shoes scattered on the ground and him being barefoot, it’s all about the small details for me.”

* James O’Hara, photo editor