Children recovering in hospital after attack that killed mother

The attack took place at their home in Al Faseel, Fujairah, about 3.30am. Police have arrested a Pakistani suspect and the public prosecution is investigating.

Hamad Al Mansoori, 9, is stable after the knife attack. Courtesy Ibrahim Al Mansoori
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FUJAIRAH // These are the pictures of two young children who survived a vicious knife attack that killed their mother in their family home.

The images show Hamad Al Mansoori, 9, and his sister Natalie, 11, being treated in intensive care in an Abu Dhabi hospital for the injuries they suffered.

Natalie was stabbed nine times in her stomach, neck and chest, causing her lungs to bleed. Doctors managed to halt the bleeding and repaired damage to her intestines.

Hamad was stabbed four times and was on Sunday in a stable condition.

Their mother, Suzan Al Qudat, 39, died after being stabbed 12 times in the back, stomach and neck.

The children have not been told their mother has died. The family’s Indonesian maid suffered a minor injury in the attack in Fujairah.

Emirati Ibrahim Al Mansoori, 46, said: “We just ask them where they feel pain and we do not know if they saw their mother when she was stabbed, because we do not want them to be badly affected “When they asked about their mother, we told them that she was at the hospital.”

The attack took place at their home in Al Faseel, Fujairah, at about 3.30am on Thursday. Police have arrested a man in connection with the attack.

Mr Al Mansoori, vice chancellor of Sharjah University’s Khor Fakkan campus, said he would remember his Jordanian wife for her good deeds.

“I’m very sad about her death and more upset for the horrific way she died,” he said. “Mothers are everything and losing them is very hard.

“I will never ever forget the horrible scene. Inshallah, she will be a martyr in paradise. I have so much love and appreciation for her, and I have seen all her good deeds from 12 years of marriage.”

The funeral, which was held on Thursday night in Khor Fakkan cemetery, was attended by 2,500 people, Mr Al Mansoori said.