Banker’s appeal over threats to ex-girlfriend and her children rejected

Egyptian stalked his American ex-girlfriend after she split up with him, called her constantly with threats and even told her boss that he would kill her and her children if she did not withdraw a police complaint.

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DUBAI // A banker’s suspended three months in jail for threatening to turn the life of his American ex-girlfriend into “a living hell” if she did not withdraw her complaints against him was upheld by Dubai Court of Appeal.

Prosecutors said Egyptian A A, 35, was stalking American A Q, 32, after she broke up with him, calling her and threatening to take her children away and turn her life into a living hell.

“We became friends after he knew that I had problems with my husband that reached court. He kept saying that we were meant for each other but I tried to end the relationship,” said the woman.

She said A A was tracking her every move and followed her home. “He used to call but I didn’t answer his number, then he started calling me from different numbers,” she added.

The American said in records that she received many threats from him, so she therefore filed for a restraining order on April 30.

Records show that the Egyptian even called the woman’s boss and threatened her and her children if she did not withdraw her complaint against him from the police.

“He called my number and told me that A Q and her children will lose their lives if she did not withdraw the complaint,” testified 37-year-old Egyptian sales manager A T.

At Dubai Criminal Court last month, A A denied a charge of issuing threats but was convicted and was given a suspended term, which he appealed and has now lost.