Euro 2020 rankings: Kits rated ahead of the tournament from worst to best

Here's what nation will win the football fashion stakes

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The football will of course take centre stage during the upcoming European Championships but the aesthetics of the kits on display are always a major talking point among fans.

So, which nation wins the style stakes? Stephen Nelmes ranks each of the 24 kits (combining home and away) from worst to best. Browse all of the kits in the photo gallery above by clicking on the arrows, or if using a mobile device, simply swipe.

24. Austria

The home strip is fairly safe from Puma, but the away is the one truly horrendous kit on display at the tournament. The black shirt and lime shorts and socks feels like someone has been rummaging through the lost property bin.

23. Czech Republic

Another set of shirts outfitted by Puma. Their strips get better, but they played it a bit safe with the Czech Republic's home and away offerings for this tournament. Too bland.

22. North Macedonia

Our photo editor has dug out three kits for North Macedonia and while the print looks nice, all three look Sunday League.

21. Hungary

The safest set of shirts from Adidas. I think the home jersey needs a little more green trim to get me interested. The away shirt is instantly forgettable.

20. Turkey

Nike's first strip in our rundown. Both Turkish shirts are fairly solid and with the flag in place of the FA's badge, it's just different enough from the pack.

19. Ukraine

Ooh, the controversial one. Aside from the print, it's a standard home and away strip from the Eastern Europeans. Not the best from Joma this time around.

18. Sweden

Not a fan of Sweden's slight move towards electric yellow, it feels unnecessary. The away kit - a reverse of the home - strangely makes up for it.

17. Portugal

The defending European champions' away kit is the Marmite kit in the collection. I'm fairly ambivalent about it. It's out there, but a touch too wacky to be any higher. The home kit is decent enough.

16. Wales

The home shirt fairly pretty on first inspection, but it lacks a bit of green trim that I like from my Wales kits. Prefer the away combo of gold and green.

15. England

The home strip has nice turn of the millennium 'Golden Generation' vibes about it, even if it is now a tighter fit on the body. The blue with red trim away kit is a miss. You can't picture Harry Kane lifting the trophy in it.

14. Poland

The Poland kits are retro enough to make you feel comforted. I think the front of the shirt numbering in the top left and a centred badge of the Polish FA is a nice subtle touch.

13. Russia

Russia's home kit is fairly bland, it's the away kit that's doing the heavy lifting here. I'm a big fan of the blue and red bar under the badge, number and outfitter's logo.

12. Croatia

It's alway difficult to place Croatia. The checkerboard is a powerful motif that never gets old. I think I prefer it when the kit's squares are smaller. We have a 3x6 configuration here. The away kit is an OK spin on their theme.

11. Scotland 

A pair of very understated shirts. Always like the bluish whitewash Scottish sporting away kits. You can take their chances of success far more seriously when they're playing in them than some neon abomination.

10. Spain

What a fantastic home shirt. The off-centre black lines forming shaded quadrants feels like a bit of a hat-tip to Joan Miro. The shorts are delightfully 90s. The away kit is so-so.

9. Switzerland

Speaking of away kits, Puma is right on the money with Switzerland's minimalistic away kit. That's really crisp. The home kit is a let-down.

8. Netherlands

A solid home and away combination from the Dutch. I prefer a pair of black or white shorts.

7. France

The World Cup winners get both kits right. The navy Les Bleus home shirt is all business while the white away kit has hues of France '98. The trim is on point.

6. Belgium

Belgium's footballing renaissance has coincided with some lovely strips, but only the home shirt is truly a knockout for this tournament. The away kit detailing is fine.

5. Slovakia

A big fan of the white home shirt. There's some subtleties that we can't quite capture without zooming in. I also like the camouflage-inspired change strip. It just stays on the right side of the novelty training/warm-up shirt we get these days.

4. Denmark

They are Hummel kits. Enough said.

3. Finland

The best shirt on display at the Euros is Finland's home strip. Umbro tried the Nordic cross on their shirts about a decade ago with fairly middling success, but this effort from Nike is superb. The only disappointment is the Finn's training kit-inspired away jersey with weird buttons.

2. Germany

If there's one footballing nation who can pull off an all-black kit, it is Germany. They have the audacity and the aura. It's fabulous. And even though he's a ruddy goalkeeper, you could still picture Manuel Neuer lifting the trophy in it. Home shirt is great, as always.

1. Italy

Puma have pulled it out of the bag again with a splendid away kit for Italy that feels like a perfect match. It feels a little bit Sergio Tacchini, a little bit Lambretta, a little bit Fred Perry. The home kit is a classic Italy strip. The Azzurri reverting to a black trim with their recent home jerseys have grown on me.