Should internet use be allowed in the exam hall?

Readers debate whether the internet should be allowed in the exam hall. Other topics: Government, UAE cabinet, Bernie Sanders

Readers debate whether the internet should be allowed in the exam hall. Andrew Henderson / The National
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I don't see any reason why pupils should not be allowed to use the internet in the exam hall (Test answers? Let me Google them, February 11)? Those who study will still get higher marks, because those who didn't will need more time to search.

The ones who prepare well for the exam can still confirm answers they are unsure of online. Using Google Translate for an English exam will still cause a failure, because it will give nothing more than random words.

Beverly Newell, Abu Dhabi

It’s really scary that some people believe that all that you read on the internet is correct.

There is no substitute for learning, but I guess the majority of people these days want a shortcut to everything. Of course, when a real crisis comes along they’re doomed.

Dave Pryce, Dubai

A few years ago, we had open-book exams. Today Google has replaced the book. The most important thing is how to look for the information and how to use it.

Dina Abou-Zahr, Abu Dhabi

Students should never be allowed to use the internet in the exam hall. They need to demonstrate their understanding of information while not relying on the internet.

Anita Welch, Abu Dhabi

Prudent move by Government

I am proud of the UAE (Changes to federal government, as announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, February 9). While governments in many countries around the world are squabbling and not getting things right, this country has been steadily moving in the right direction.

It is the quality of leadership that matters. The new move by the Government is intelligent, to say the least. I don’t know of any other country that has ministers of happiness and tolerance.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Change is the only constant

The only constant in life is change (UAE ministers welcome increased representation of women in cabinet, February 11). We live in a dynamic environment and we must adapt to the changes. I can't think of a single organisation that has not gone through a change.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

New Hampshire result justified

I am writing in reference to the news report Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders big winners in New Hampshire (February 10). Bernie Sanders is a self-declared democratic socialist who believes that the US middle class and the working families that produce the wealth of America deserve a decent standard of living. He believes that international trade agreements, as written by corporate America, Wall Street and the political lobbyists, have been a disaster for the American worker. He advocates comprehensive financial reforms that will focus on income and wealth inequality.

Mr Sanders was a strong opponent of the US invasion of Iraq and the misconceived war on terror. He is a strong advocate for a two-state solution in the Palestine-Israel conflict. This means that he is opposed to the right-wing extremist policies of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud government and its agenda of illegal settlements in the occupied territories. Mr Sanders is no fan of Mr Netanyahu and, therefore, no fan of Aipac, the Israel lobby.

He advocates a crackdown on police brutality and bold action to reverse global warming.

The result in New Hampshire is a defence for an American democracy that has for too long been hijacked by the powerful lobbies for Israel and other vested interests.

Anthony Bellchambers, UK