Ramadan study and Arab Youth Survey dominate discussion

What is trending in Arabic social media this week

 Dima Solh (a youth from Lebanon) speaks about her thoughts about on various issues in the Middle East, the impact to the society and to herself. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National
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Going to school during Ramadan this summer was one of the major concerns of Emirati students on social media this week.

The results of the Arab Youth Survey also stirred plenty of discussion among Emirati and other Arab users. In light of the World Retail Congress in Dubai, Twitter users were debating tips and tricks for running a successful business.

School during Ramadan

The issue of study during Ramadan sparked a healthy and vibrant debate among Emiratis on Twitter this week.

Some people raised their concerns about the difficulty of study during the holy month. Others felt study doesn’t pose a serious challenge.

User @__77HB tweeted: “Our opinions should be taken into consideration because we are the ones who will be studying during Ramadan.”

User @sa3_o thought these arguments were pointless, tweeting: “You guys should be praying all day and have no reason to object.”

Mohammed @m_raeisi_ae noted how comfortable education has become: “air-conditioned rooms and chairs to sit and flexible studying timings along with transportation. Older generations did not get any of what you have”.

Adel @adeldxb1981 shared a similar thought: “We studied in Ramadan and we walked two kilometres to school. ”

User @s_alktebi had the same point of view: “You are becoming such brats. I remember we used to play football during Ramadan and we spend the whole holy month in school and now you argue about a two- hour exam.”

User @A444vv replied to those who say it’s OK to go to school during Ramadan, “in the past years Ramadan came during winter. The situation is different during summer, it is more tiring.”

Shamma @A444vv said: “Our current curriculum and education system is different so please do not compare education now to back in the days.”

Sultan @oooh1310 tweeted: “Ramadan is also not for watching TV series, shopping, eating lots of food. It is the month of doubling the blessing of your good deeds.”

Arab Youth Survey

ISIL was the focus of Twitter conversation after the results of this year’s Arab Youth Survey showed that the rise of the extremist group is considered a major challenge.

Edwin @EdSamuelFCO tweeted that “50 per cent of Arab youth say that ISIL is the biggest problem in the region. This means they are aware, so ISIL fails to fool them.”

User @Herr_Stock noted: “More than 90 per cent of young people in Iraq consider the United States to be an enemy of their country.”

User @psbresearch said that “lack of jobs and opportunities is seen as the number one recruitment driver for ISIL”.

Abdel Rahman @ARAGhandour added that the “UAE is viewed as model Arab country and is the most favoured place to live and set up business in the region”.

Sarah @SP_Townsend pointed out that “four in five young Gulf Arabs still feel entitled to energy subsidies despite government cutbacks”.

User @TreasuryTutor tweeted: “Interesting that lack of jobs and opportunities are a big factor in ISIL recruitment according to the survey.”

Finally, user @BMBrussels added that “a majority of young Arabs throughout the Middle East reject ISIL and believe the group will fail to establish an Islamic state”.

World Retail Congress

The World Retail Congress was held this week in Dubai. It is a two-day event where experts gathered to share their knowledge and host panel discussions.

Tommy Hilfiger and Jo Malone were a few of the notable businesses in attendance. On Twitter, users shared insights on how to build a successful business.

Elma @elmaoreilly said that businesses must “hire talent, not resumes”.

Doug @DougShip noted: “Purpose gives a business more energy and authenticity for the journey of transformation”.

Susan @susan_samuel tweeted a quote by Joe Jackman: “When you think like an entrepreneur, anything is possible.”

Ian @IanMcGarrigle1 reported that “Andrea Weiss says we should have merchant leaders not princes in retail”.

@CBREMEN said: “The biggest spenders on food and beverages at shopping centres: Switzerland, Norway and the UAE.”

Suzie @SuzieBeauty shared photos of her moderating a discussion panel with the line, “attracting customers through innovation in product development”.


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