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Mushrif Park closure has been timed well

A reader says the closure of Mushrif Park throughout August will not have a major impact as people usually tend to avoid visiting parks during the summer. Silvia Razgova / The National
A reader says the closure of Mushrif Park throughout August will not have a major impact as people usually tend to avoid visiting parks during the summer. Silvia Razgova / The National

The announcement that Abu Dhabi’s Mushrif Central Park will be closed to the public for the month of August (Mushrif Park to close for a month, July 29), has left many people disappointed. But the closure is less likely to affect picnickers and fitness enthusiasts since it is summer and people prefer to remain indoors. I hope the park will be ready to welcome visitors as the weather gets cooler.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Will revised petrol price affect us much?

Before the new fuel prices were made public, I was apprehensive about the move (Price rise ‘could have been worse’, July 29). Now, I know that the decision had been taken wisely.

Although we will pay 40 fils more per litre of petrol, we will benefit from the lower diesel price, which will bring down the cost of transportation of goods.

I thank the country’s leadership for making such a wise decision.

Dr Juma Bilal Fairouz, The UAE Consumer Protection Society, Sharjah

The price rise might hurt, but in the UK petrol costs the equivalent of Dh6.65 per litre. Still a long way to go before it hurts that much.

Ben Adamson, UK

It’s not just the increase in the cost of petrol that is hurting people. This year, we have seen huge increases in house rents and school fees. This means a trickle down increase in pretty much everything else.

When rents for commercial spaces increase, consumers have to bear the brunt. Now with the fuel prices up, people are going to face a tough time. All the while, salaries have not increased.

How are the lower- and middle-income people going to afford the rising cost of living?

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

What I find interesting is that diesel prices are now cheaper than petrol. If the trend continues, I wonder if car manufacturers will start selling diesel cars.

Gwenhael Appere, Dubai

Some headlines are confusing

Why does the continuation of your front-page stories often bear a headline appearing to have no connection to the first one? On June 29, for example, Turkish jets strike Kurds as Erdogan calls of talks puzzlingly became Nato backs Turkey on terror when it continues on page 10.

Similarly, Bahrain bombing kills two, on page 1, is Iran accusations fly as bombing in Bahrain kills two on page 9.

Readers accustomed to the practice of having the first key word in a headline retained prominently in its continuation are forced to waste time trying to figure out whether this headline is from that story or something else.

Please correct this needlessly confusing policy.

Peter Scarlet, Abu Dhabi

Abdul Kalam left a rich legacy

Your editorial A humble man with big ideas (July 29) was poignant. With the death of Dr Abdul Kalam, India has not just lost a great scientist, but a great human being.

Two major incidents made this week particularly tragic for the country, as there was also a terrorist attack in Punjab.

Dr Abdul Kalam was a visionary, as he devoted his time to nurture young talent. He realised that the young generation is the backbone of the nation. He was also kind and compassionate. Dr Abdul Kalam strongly advocated an action plan to develop India into a “knowledge superpower”. His rich legacy will keep his memory alive. His books, particularly Wings of Fire and Ignited Minds, will carry his thoughts and ideas to millions of people. May his soul rest in peace.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

The sudden death of Dr Abdul Kalam was shocking.

Dr Kalam found acceptance among all political parties in India and was widely respected. Being a noted scientist and prolific writer, he was an inspirational figure for children as well. I pray for his soul.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Updated: July 29, 2015 04:00 AM

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