Home-grown appeal

Saadiyat Beach Club reverses a trend of naming Abu Dhabi landmarks after far-off places

The Monte-Carlo Beach Club on Saadiyat Island has been rebranded as Saadiyat Beach Club. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
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Many new arrivals in Abu Dhabi can feel a little geographically confused when they see local places named after far-off locations. This trend ranges from institutions like the Paris Sorbonne University and the New York Film Academy right down to small businesses like Al Quds Grocery or Nablus Bakery, named after their owners’ homelands.

Until very recently, the Monte Carlo Beach Club on Saadiyat Island was another example of this trend, but now the Abu Dhabi offshoot of the Principality of Monaco's upmarket leisure spot bears an entirely home-grown moniker: Saadiyat Beach Club. The rebranding occurred after an agreement between TDIC, the island's developer, and Monte-Carlo SBM, the club's previous management, expired at the end of last month.

The renaming is, perhaps, also a sign of a growing confidence in what we have here, rather than seeking to import brands from overseas. We see this in the name recognition our top brands now enjoy the world over, particularly in the leisure and hospitality sectors. Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways are both good examples of this.

Not long ago, Saadiyat Island’s only residents were gazelles and the occasional turtle. Now Saadiyat is a name with global recognition – with a beach club to match.