Syrian voice actress Amal Hawijeh is photographed with Captain Majid, a character she voiced. (Sarah Dea / The National)
Syrian voice actress Amal Hawijeh is photographed with Captain Majid, a character she voiced. (Sarah Dea / The National)

Fond memories of Captain Majid

Why I'm forever Captain Majid (October 28), about cartoon voice artist Amal Hawijeh, was a flashback to my childhood.

Captain Majid was everything to me when I was a child.

Sandos Omar, Dubai

Opportunities for coders are in management

I refer to your editorial Brave new world of touch screens ­(October 28).

As a computer science student, I’d like to point out that operating a program on a computer or tablet requires a different skill set to creating a program. It doesn’t mean that someone who is good at one will be good at the other.

While coding is a global language, it is based on English characters and it does require English-language comments and explanations embedded in the code. This is important so that people other than the author can follow what the code is doing.

The idea in this editorial is good, but the UAE workforce may not be able to compete with cheap computer coders in some Asian countries.

I suggest that students here get a basic understanding of coding and then put themselves in a position to hire and manage other coders. The one thing other countries don’t have compared to the UAE is access to capital.

Kash Amarnani, Dubai

US department stores welcome

Two big American department stores are coming to Abu Dhabi (Bloomingdale's and Macy's – at the double, October 28).

Oh dear. This is just what I need when I am trying to save money.

K Shah, Abu Dhabi

If I go missing, you’ll know where to send the search party.

Lynne Powell Assa, Abu Dhabi

Turkey can play a pivotal role

I am writing about the role that Turkey could play in the Middle East (Joint US-UAE task force to choke off ISIL funding, October 27).

Through dialogue and engagement, Turkey is in a position to recruit plenty of support for promoting de-­radicalisation, nation-building and good governance across the region.

It must move beyond its present policy, which only serves to isolate it in the region and internationally while denying it the ability to influence events beneficial to stability.

Turkey must not lose control over the internal peace process with the Kurds or ignore its inextricable link with Kobani, just over the border in Syria.

Of course, shaping the future of the region via dialogue and engagement is a slow process, but it is never too late to begin a long journey with the first step. The Kurds in Iraq can be strategic partners in this process.

It is in the Kurdistan Regional Government’s strategic interests to partner with Turkey for the protection of their mutual interests.

I believe that the Iraqi Shia and Sunni groups that are part of the democratic political process would welcome Turkey’s constructive role.

Dialogue and reconciliation could lead to the reversal of the current trend of ever-spiralling violence.

Samaoen Osman, South Africa

I agree that we need to stop those who are funding terror groups.

I also think that Turkey should bomb ISIL and help the Kurds.

Mihaela Soar, Abu Dhabi

Accident report is no surprise

The deaths of four people in an accident on Sharjah's Airport Road (Early morning horror, October 28) is sadly familiar.

This is yet another in a series of senseless accidents. It never stops. Christina Murphy, Abu Dhabi

Ships must heed piracy warnings

It was interesting to read Ships warned that piracy still exists (October 27), about activities off the coast of Somalia.

All vessels sailing in the region should ensure that they maintain their on-board training against pirate attacks.

Soe Djoko, Indonesia

Russian tourists’ presence is felt

I can confirm that your article, Russians say ‘da’ to Ajman (October 27), which notes the tourism trends in the Northern Emirates, is correct.

Half of the menus at hotels in Ajman are in Russian, and some of the staff are ­Russian.

Muzammil SK, Ajman

Great memories of cartoon hero

Name: Peter Dicce

Title: Assistant dean of students and director of athletics

Favourite sport: soccer

Favourite team: Bayern Munich

Favourite player: Franz Beckenbauer

Favourite activity in Abu Dhabi: scuba diving in the Northern Emirates